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Published: 06th August 2010
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Billy Blanks Boot Camp kit includes:

Basic Training Boot Camp DVD (55 minutes)

Ultimate Boot Camp DVD (55 minutes)

Ab Boot Camp DVD (35 minutes)

Bonus Cardio Boot Camp Live DVD (30 minutes)

Billy Bands - Muscle toning stretch bands

7-Day Success Meal Plan

7-Day Energy Supply Formula

Signature Billy Blanks Boot Camp Dog Tags

Product Description

Product Description Billy Blank will motivate and transform your mind and body with his new explosive Tae Bo® work out, Billy's BootCamp. This high energy pumping workout system will pump you up mentally and physically and have you sweating and shedding those unwanted pounds in no time! Billy's Boot Camp, a fat blasting, muscle toning program features 3 new workouts and the all NEW Billy Bands, the secret weapon in the battle against fat and flab! Everything you need is in this program.

Billy Blanks Boot Camp DVDs transform your body with his explosive Tae Bo workout series. You'll lose weight in no time!

Billy's dynamic motivation and signature moves will have you in the best shape of your life.

Billy Blanks Boot Camp features a new weapon to help you win the Battle of the Bulge! Billy Blanks Boot Camp includes the ALL NEW Billy Bands, 3 amazing new workouts combined to create a fat-blasting, muscle-toning program. These revolutionary bands paired with Billy's Boot Camp will blast you into shape in 7 days and completely transform your body and your mind! Whether you're a beginner or already one of the millions of Billy's followers, Billy Blanks Boot Camp is the best workout series for any level!

Billy Blanks Boot Camp gives you an unbeatable arsenal against fat and flab with the most effective workout series ever created!

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